Asylum Tales.

Anecdotes from working in a psychiatric hospital..


Attitudes to mental illness and treatment have been as much subject to the whims of politics, science, religion and fashion as any other..  [more]

A Man Called Horse

One common feature of psychotic conditions including schizophrenia, is delusions. A delusion is a fixed belief which..  [more]

Commanded To Cut

The voices tell the individual to do something, often leading to erratic and extremely unpredictable behaviour..  [more]

Keyhole Kenny

Kenny was incarcerated in the local bin which just happened to be a couple of miles up the road from his house..  [more]

Earning A Crust

The charge nurse continued, "Every pay day, June goes out to the hospital grounds to visit the male patients in the gardening group.."   [more]

Baggy Trousers

He was 61 years old and had been admitted to the hospital at the age of 18 for stealing some items from a local shop..  [more]

Nurses Home

There was still Much Fun To Be Had. Especially when males began taking up the profession and also started 'living in'.."   [more]

Shock Tactics

Bertie spluttered and coughed as Ken, the senior nurse carefully syringed the formula down his throat..  [more]

The Wrestler

It's very hard to stop someone from killing themselves if they're really determined enough. But this was my primary objective..."   [more]

Stag Night

Dave had been dragged outside by several staff members, stripped naked, tied to a tree, with a bottle of ink..  [more]

Student Inductions

As I donned my protective hospital standard-issue white coat I found that someone had sewn it up at the wrists.."   [more]

Tripod Larry

However our man was nowhere to be found. It was decided that another search be carried out at first light...  [more]

Random House

Life in a Community rehabilitation facility..

I: Handover

You always know when you've arrived for duty at Random House. If the acrid stench of stale piss doesn't get you first..   [read]

II: Pulp Friction

Has she been helping herself to the residents' medication again..?   [read]

III: Student Nurses

They're not bad," Maudlin replied, "We've got one male and one female this time. Jeff, the male, is interesting..   [read]

IV: Initiation

The laundry bag creaked a bit at the seams as the rope tying it to a radiator inside gave a little, but it held strong..   [read]

V: Evening Shift

Andy looked up from his microwaved lasagne and carefully wiped his lips with a napkin, "I'll deal with this one."..   [read]

VI: Rehab & Reality

"Hey cheer up Nurse Andy!" said a bright apparition standing at the office door. "Wot you got to be so down in the dumps about..?"   [read]

VII: Body Fluids

Now, I truly tried hard to find a nicer term here, but nasal mucus doesn't really begin to describe..   [read]

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