Part 3: Student Nurses.

Community Rehabilitation - The Modern Way..

Almost all Nursing speciality areas play host to the up-and-coming aspirants of our grand profession, the Student Nurses. The occasional student nurse rotation is generally considered to be a good thing, especially if the students are keen and willing to get stuck in. Naturally there are important procedures and traditional initiation rights which must be strictly adhered to..

"The students have been a great help this shift," said Maudlin, "I let them go off duty early today as they said they had to go to the uni library. (yes Maudlin, I'm sure that's just where they'll be..)

"I bet." said Glenda, "So how is this this batch shaping up?"

It's funny how some staff referred to the latest semester's students as a batch, like they're little clones coming off some kind of standard production line or something. Andy thought back to his uni days and wondered if this mightn't be an accurate description.

"They're not bad," Maudlin replied, "We've got one male and one female this time. Jeff, the male, is interesting.."

"Yeah," interjected Rocky, "The dude's got so many studs and earrings and bits of metal shit sticking out of his face. One week here and it'll all be showing signs of advanced rust I reckon."

Earrings, especially droopy ones, are considered a bad thing to wear in Psychiatric settings. There have been cases of them getting ripped out. And blokes with tongue studs only meant one thing in Andy's book. None of this was an appropriate or effective way to try and gain a patient's confidence. Unless you - oh never mind..

Jeff clearly had a number of unresolved personal issues and possibly a diagnosable Personality Disorder, all of which meant of course, that he would be perfectly suited to being some kind of Mental Health Professional.

"The girl, Jenny, she's pretty good though," continued Maudlin, "She doesn't seem to mind getting her hands dirty."

Everyone nodded their approval. Not minding getting your hands dirty was considerd a good thing. And just as well, working at The House. Everyone knew what Maudlin meant.

Since the shift from hospital-based Schools of Nursing to university training, the expectations of some student nurses had also apparently shifted. The amount of clinical exposure had been greatly reduced since the universities took over and some students certainly did not take kindly to some of the more hands-on (or hands-in) aspects of Nursing.

During the early years of university based nurse training, some of the more experienced hospital-trained RNs had resented this new breed of nurses emerging onto the scene. Others welcomed the more academic focus. Having trained originally in the hospital system and then at university-based Nursing studies, Andy could see both sides of the argument. Another trend was that fewer males were entering the profession and fewer still wanted to go into Psychiatry after they graduated.

And it was true that some of the fun and well, frolicks had disappeared from the workplace. Andy thought back to his own training days..



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